My dad is gone

My dad is gone. He is still alive but dementia has stolen him from me. I am profoundly sad because of this, but there is also a great deal of anger. I want him back and this disease has taken him away. When I had the chance to spend time with him, I rarely did, now I can’t if I want to.

My dad is gone and I have taken over his finances and manage details of his medical care and housing. I don’t want to do this, but no one else is close enough to do it. I am ill equipped for this, almost anyone else could do it better. I don’t mean I can’t handle finances or doctor’s appontments, i mean, I get too emotional and I let that control my reactions.

My dad is gone. I try to see him through fresh eyes and not be dissapointed when the  man I knew does not look back at me, or respond to me, but I find that almost impossible.

My dad is gone, I long to visit with him again if only for an hour, but I wasted my opportunity, and now I won’t have it again.

My dad is gone.

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