So, Round Bales and Carrot Cake are Evil

Okay so I know what you are thinking. He’s crazy!

You are saying to yourself, I love Carrot cake, and probably, that is just a dumb thing to say. How can round bales and Carrot cake be evil. They are inanimate objects, oh and by the way carrot cake is delicious. I get it, I understand your sentiment, but bear with me. Here is what i mean…

Round Bales – You see the options are square bales (rectangle actually) or round bales. Round bales are better for the farmer, less work to produce, more profit. That is exactly the point I say, square bales are better for the end-user, you can haul them by yourself, don’t need a machine. So why do they make them round? Aren’t you listening, they are easier for the farmer, they make more money. My problem is, the square bales are better, so the round bales serve one purpose, make more money, and make it easier (okay 2 purposes). Well why is more profit bad? It is not if more profit is good for all, but you see it is not, it is only better for one party. They chase more profits at the expense of the better product. This is exactly where society is going, we don’t care about better, we only care about more (McDonald’s is a good example). Guess who wants us to focus away from better, Satan, that’s right Satan. He wants us to focus on more money, not on better lives, or better products. So he created round bails. Get it? They are evil!

Carrot Cake – Well, this one is actually easy. No one really likes Carrot cake, they only really like the cream cheese icing. The cake is just the delivery method. That is not why carrot cake is evil though, it is evil because it is a trick. Dessert’s purpose is not to give us nutrients, it is to give us joy, a little piece of heaven on a plate. Carrot cake is deceitful, it combines vegetables and cake, then covers them with a delicious icing to fool us. Where I ask does deceit come from? Satan! That is why Carrot cake is evil.

Take that to the bakery!

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2 Responses to So, Round Bales and Carrot Cake are Evil

  1. Gerald says:

    Sorry but the farmer in me has to correct your spelling. “Bales”

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