How others see me

Today I am pondering a few things about how others see me, there have been 2 things that have prompted this. One was a video I watched today about a forensic artist drawing a portrait of women from how they described themselves and one from how someone else described them. The other incident was a meeting I had regarding my parents with the person in charge of their care. It became clear in the meeting that this person does not like me much, and certainly feels that I am not doing good for my parents. I had not realized it until the meeting yesterday. i am more troubled by this than I should be.

I am realizing this morning that I would not describe myself well. That I would be meaner to myself than others would be. Are we all like that? I think so. that is a very sad thing, I am sad for me, but my thoughts this morning are overwhelmingly on my wife, my children, my friends. How do they see themselves? Is it even close to how I see them?

I think I am going to take some time to describe how I see them to each of them, to try to show them in some way that they are not their own perceptions of themselves. That those perceptions cloud their own view and only serve to hurt them.

I know I am hurt and hurting also, but it pains me to think that the people I most care about are going through this also. i have to try and help, if only in a small way.

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