Magic has its price

Magic has its price. My wife tells me this is the running theme in a t.v. show she watches. That notwithstanding, it is true. There is a price for getting all of our fondest wishes. A cursory examination of the “genie and three wishes” tales will show you that this is the theme. Getting what we want without any effort on our part is not in the end a good thing.

Many people in Canada dream of winning the lottery because they see it as their ticket out of the life of struggle they lead. The problem is, it mostly isn’t. Most lottery winners end up in the same, or worse, position than they were before they won.

Jesus asked “do you want to be healed” because it is a transformative thing to be healed. We all know we need change in our lives, few of us are happy with who we are. If we really and truly wanted to change, we could do the work necessary and change- it takes years but it is possible. Most of us don’t though. We want to be different but only if it is instant and requires no work on our part.

Transformation- magic- always has a price. Are you willing to pay it?

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