My Dog is looking at me Funny

Today I am taking my dog in to be neutered. I think he knows, he has been looking at me with an oh so sad look on his face. Yes, I am taking him in to remove any possibility that he will ever have children, why? To satisfy society (and the contract I made with the breeder) because you can’t have dogs running around just making puppies willy nilly, can you? No, certainly not!

Now I know all the arguments for and against, mostly for, neutering one’s dog, but have you noticed that in doing so we are removing the essential nature of a dog, we are removing a part of him to make him fit in better with our family and we in society. This is exactly what society would do to all of us. Remove our individuality, neuter us, so that we are all one large homogeneous mass of people. Today, especially today, i treasure that part of me that is different from everyone else. Maybe I should spend some time cultivating it. Yep, that’s what I’m gonna do…right after my dog is “fixed”. 

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