16 tons

I read this story today about a lady who paid off her student loans at a bank and then held up her receipt and yelled out something along the lines of “I sold my soul to this bank 6 years ago and now I am free, I owe nothing, no fees, no interest nothing…Free!” Another customer in the bank then says loudly, anyone else wish they could say that and just about everyone there raised their hands.

This reminded me of the old song 16 tons…16 tons and what do you get, another day older and deeper in debt. 

I feel like that and I am not talking financially. I feel like some days, I am less complete as a person than I was yesterday. The world has taken another piece of me and left an I.O.U. in its place. I am increasingly a patchwork of notes saying I am owed. This all serves to make me less able to handle the next thing that comes around, I have to dig deeper into myself for the resolve to love, to support, to care…and some days, I just don’t have enough left to hand out.

16 tons and what do you get?

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