unsupervised minor with a hammer and unclear directions

So, I have recently been put in the position of Senior pastor at our church. This is an interesting, though not unexpected development. I am now the Spiritual guide for all of these trusting people. One Sunday, not that long ago, a member of the church came up to me to get some more information about a theological point in my message. My first thought was, you should ask someone with more knowledge in this area than I have…then it hit me…crap, that’s me, I’m that guy. I’m the one who is supposed to have the wisdom and extra knowledge. Wow! I answered the question the best I could, but I realized that what has happened here is that we have an unsupervised minor with a hammer and unclear directions as our Senior Pastor.

I am not mature enough, not wise enough, not smart enough, not enough enough to do this, well to do just about anything really. It occurred to me as i was contemplating this that this is the cosmic joke, we are almost all in this position, we are all woefully unprepared, uninformed and with a tool clearly meant to cause destruction, placed in our hands.

Well, I for one am going to go have a cookie and a nap and then try to figure out what to do with this thing.

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