It’s not the destination

I am a destination kind of guy. I don’t like the journey, I just like to get there. Teleporters will be invented by guys like me. I don’t want to slow down and enjoy the process of anything at all. I want to be finished. To reap the rewards of accomplishing something. Climb Everest? No, I just want to be there and look around a bit.

I am coming to realize that slowing down and enjoying the process of things, is vital to my own life appreciation. I was talking with someone a while back and they noted that, I never arrive. As soon as I get something done, or hit a new level, I just reset the bar higher. No celebration of accomplishment, because I always look up and see a further horizon.

I have recently stopped speeding. I drive the limit and it takes me slightly longer to get anywhere, but it actually has made me a better driver. I am less aggressive, more prone to let people in, don’t worry if I am behind a slower moving vehicle. It has changed my driving, this not needing to be the first car to wherever. 

That change has made me wonder if my whole life couldn’t do with a similar overhaul. What if i slowed down and enjoyed the process? What if I made the journey the goal, and not the end of the journey? What if I stopped and realized, I am not happier when I finish, if I immediately reset the bar.

Life isn’t necessarily about my own happiness, but there should be some of that along the way, i think. And for me there is all too little of that.

I have realized, it is not about the destination, it is about the journey, I’m betting that realization will change my life.

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