Not Normal

I just saw a piece on the news about a boy who was born into a girls body. this courageous young boy is now trying to live his life as a boy and is facing some challenges with peers etc.

That isn’t the part I wanted to talk about though. One small section of the piece has this boy’s dad commenting that we have to change our definition of normal. 

I think that is a problem in society, we don’t need to redefine normal. Normal is normal.A boy born into a girl’s body and now trying to live as a boy, is not normal. Normal is you have the right body and grow up screwed up like the rest of us. That is normal. What we need to do is change how we treat not normal.

All of us have parts of our lives in which we are probably not normal, we tend to hide this from everyone because we think others will judge us harshly or treat us poorly. We are probably right about that, but we don’t need to be. We can change that, each of us, individually. One at a time, we can change that. We can be better to each other, we can allow for differences we can strive to accept others. We can say wow that may not be normal, but I bet it is hard,I am not going to make it harder, I am going to try to make it at least easier when I can.

Let’s proclaim our not normalness and help others who are brave enough to do so also.

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