Computer Time

Why is computer time different from real time?

My wife texts me that she is heading home and I respond, Okay I will wrap up this last thing and meet you in 15 minutes. An hour and a half later she calls me to see if I have died a gruesome accident (is she hoping or just wondering).

What happened to the time? Why did this little task end up costing me that much extra time? Did I zone out for an hour and 15 minutes? I would have sworn right up until she called that I was right on schedule. Maybe my computer is out to get me, maybe it takes over my brain? I know my phone is. I feel it vibrating in my pocket, but when I look, there is no call. Then it doesn’t vibrate and I miss a call. Is this how the rise of the machines is going to be? Just petty crap until we all go insane?

I think my computer takes control of my brain and I end up wasting copious amounts of time on a lot of nothing. How can it be 2 am, I just got home from work?

I think my computer and my phone are messing with me, that or I am losing my mind. It really could be either.

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