I went to see a show called “Jersey Boys” last night. Somewhere during the show one or more of the characters says this phrase- fahgettaboudit. Now I’ve heard it before, but somehow it stuck in my head last night.

The idea that someone does something and you are thanking them and they say fahgettaboudit. It is like saying, of course, I do this for you, let’s move on.

Moving on is something I struggle with. I think that pattern of thought where I continually relive the past, both good and bad, but mostly bad…I think this pattern contributes to my struggles with depression.

I am aware that I can’t change the past, but I still beat myself up over those things I can’t change. I rarely look forward, which I think also stops me from having optimism. Even in looking forward it is with the mirror of what has happened before. I see the future with the imprint of past failures.

I need to learn to fahgettaboudit. Maybe I will be happier, more excited about the future. It’s worth a shot anyway. Can’t we all just fahgettaboudit and move in?

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