Alone in the Big Wide World

Some days it feels like I am alone in the Bid, Wide World. I know this isn’t so, I have a family who I love more than my own breath, great friends, who I would drop everything for, good friends, who are welcome to spend time with me whenever, friends, who I like to spend time with, acquaintances, who I sort of know, and people i don’t know or barely know, from whom it is hard to escape. So I see all of that and realize that I am not, definitely not – alone. Yet it feels like that sometimes.

I am a Pastor in a world that sees my faith as foolish. I get it, I really do, I use to non-believe too. I totally understand how someone can look at the evidence that I see and say, what are you talking about, that is not proof of God. I try to explain, I cannot and will not “prove” God to you or anyone. No one could have “proved” God to me. I am not trying to change you, I am trying to explain me. This is why I believe, this is how I believe. I also see all the objections, I love science, I love reading new exciting discoveries. It doesn’t change my beliefs anymore than when science fails to advance, doesn’t change theirs. I see the hurt in the world, I read about pain and suffering, I see today as Obama tries to “fix” Syria. I see it, I do. My faith says God is good and kind, He cares, He hurts as we do. My eyes say, how is He helping those in real pain? I see evil exists in this world, it does and it is all around us. I feel that so is good and love and kindness.

I sometimes feel alone in this Big, Wide World. None of us should feel that way, we should be in this together, we should be trying together to make this place better. It should not matter if I do it because I believe in God, and you do it because you don’t. We should work together to make it so the least of us has more, so the hurting among us are healed, so the suffering is alleviated. Why we do it should be the least of our concerns, doing it should be our concern.

If I feel alone in this Big, Wide World, I who am definitively not alone, how much more are those that truly are alone felling it. My heart breaks when I feel alone, but it should, it must, for those that actually are alone in the Big , Wide World.


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