So, Why Should it matter?

So, there are 2 stories in the news right now that just make me shake my head. I guess I am not normal, because i don’t get it…at all. The 2 stories are the incognito story and the ongoing Rob Ford saga. Now, maybe I just am a little dense, but I fail to see why I should care about this, even though my local news station bombards me relentlessly on these 2 stories (never mind all the internet stories). Let’s take them individually…

Richie Incognito sent text messages and threatened, or defamed, or made racist comments, about teammate Johnathon martin. Okay, so Richie Incognito is a terrible person and we should all feel great that he is suspended and vilified. Her’s my problem, I don’t believe that…at all. Richie Incognito and Johnathon Martin are professional football players, of which there are 1696. Incognito makes $4 million, and Martin makes $million per year. Theses are elite athletes making big pay in a testosterone fueled sport. Did anyone actually think even for a second that any locker room in the league would be a caring nurturing environment? Did anyone think it should be? That the teams that pay these large salaries should spend time and money dealing with player’s feelings? No, just no. Incognito said mean things? So what? Martin had many re courses, ask to be traded, quit, or ….gasp, suck it up and ignore a mean coworker and cash his checks. I truly have no sympathy for either man, nor do I care if mean things are said, even racist things, why because they are said every day to people who have no recourse, who don’t make millions to play a game, those things are done to children where they can cause lifelong damage, where is that story in the news? Nowhere because apparently it only matters when the people in question make more than you and I will make in our lifetime. You care, cause i just don’t.

The second story is kind of infuriating in it’s results. Rob Ford may or may not be a good mayor, I have no idea, i don’t live in Toronto. I know he has personal issues. The council has just stripped him of all authority to act as mayor, which is interesting only in that in all of this media madness, no one has said he was bad at his job, just that he has a substance abuse problem and, clearly, a media relations problem. He may need help, but i don’t think the media cares if he gets it, they only care about the next revelation, and their ratings. That is their job, but I have had enough. i don’t live there, so what the mayor in that city does is so beyond relevant or interesting to me, I also no nothing about the mayor in Las Vegas, and since I don’t live there, why would I. Rob Ford is bad at dealing with the press, he drinks too much, he does drugs, he lies, and I still don’t care about this story. If the mayor in my little town did this, I would be invested in the story. As for Toronto and it’s mayor, the rest of the world should leave it to late night talk shows and…oh yeah, the people who live in Toronto!

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1 Response to So, Why Should it matter?

  1. Syed says:

    The world is for corrupt and powerful blood sucking people like these, who enjoy the luxuries of the life at the cost of people ,and most interesting fact is that they back up each other, when one is threatened like a cult. You and me can not a damn. Yes we can watch silently and be crushed as the saying goes ” when the two elephants fight or make love the poor grass gets the beatings”

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