So,… Shtick

Quick name the guy who costars in the tv show Mike and Molly? Everyone knows it is Melissa McCarthy, but what is the guy’s name. What is the actor who plays Mike’s name? I had to look it up, it is Billy Gardell. I don’t watch the show, it is too over the top for me. Clearly though, Melissa McCarthy has become the star, she does the shtick.

Another show that caught my attention recently was The Crazy Ones, the show where Robin Williams has returned to TV. I don’t watch this show either, it makes me sad. Robin Williams is a gifted person, he is a great actor, who rarely shows his chops, he is also an incredibly talented comedian. This show, however, is just a sad vehicle for Williams to do the shtick that he did as a much younger man. 

It started me thinking, what is my shtick, what are the patterns of thought or behaviour that I have really outgrown, but I fall back on when I am lazy, or stressed, or not paying attention?

I recently listened to a radio broadcast in which a man confronts his friends about their perceptions that he was an a**h***. His words, not mine. In the end he acknowledged that he probably was, but that he was not going to change. That made me sad too. Change is hard, very hard. We have to put in lots of time, effort and practice to change who we are and how we act. It is worth it though. I don’t want to be the poor excuse for a man I was when I was 20.

What patterns do I fall back on that I thought I had outgrown. I may do like that young man and simply spend some time in erstwhile conversation asking some people in my life and finding out what they are. Once I know, know for sure,and from the outside, I can put in the work to change them.

What is your shtick, what do you fall back to?

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