So, Time travel and the Speed of Life

Time goes by so fast.

Just a moment ago it was the beginning of a new year, we were desperately trying to remember to write in 2014 on everything and now spring is here. How does this happen? You blink and suddenly the end of the school year is in sight. You are trying to figure out how you are going to occupy your kids in the summer, or if you have teenagers, how are you going to get them up before noon every day. I haven’t even mentioned spring cleaning, going through the house and purging it of all the clutter that seems to manifest itself over the winter. Raking the yard, getting the lawn mower  and patio furniture out. all of this seems to pile up and catch us unaware until suddenly it is Mother’s Day and you realize you haven’t even thought about that. Time is a funny thing. Some days seem to take forever to get through, you can barely manage to continue working until you reach the end of the work day, and yet at the same time the days add up so fast.


​Before you know it those babies are grown up, you are old, so many days left squandered and so many opportunities wasted. Oh, to go back in time and relive some of those moments, get them right. Alas this is not to be, we cannot go back. Time travel does not exist except in Science Fiction movies and books and TV shows. I guess that is not entirely true, we are time travelers, we just move forward through time…really really slowly, except fast as well as slow. That is not the type of time travel we want though, we want to be able to pause, to walk backwards, to revisit those magic days, or redo the messed up days, but it cannot be. We can only inexorably, continue forward. Ours is a one way trip. We move through time in one direction. The days are fleeting and it is so easy to lose ourselves in our day to day pursuits, forgetting and missing the chance to stop and smell the rain, to have coffee with a friend, watch your kids frolic, just live…you know really live.

What about church and spending time with God? How many times have you slept in, or done other things? Maybe it is not even church, but that daily reflection that we are not alone, that there is something going on, we don’t fully understand, we don’t fully engage with. You may not share my faith, you may not think about God the way I do, but in whatever form you might see God, to walk through this life and not marvel at what is around us, at the amazing life we have, at the connection with other people, at the complexity of nature. Watching a child learn to walk, learn to talk, learn anything, even if it is how to write an essay, it is simple amazing how life is. Can you really go through this life and not pause once in a while and say, what if there is something more? Or, if you are already there, stop and marvel at what He has made. Too many days go by uncontemplated. Too many moments go unremembered.

It is not too late to make a change. It is not too late to call your friend, turn off the tv, sit out on the deck, contemplate the divine. Hold hands with the one you love and walk and talk and find joy in each other.

Fellow Time Travelers, let’s slow our pace down and share a moment. I wonder if we did this more often, would the world seem different, be different? Would we be kinder to each other? Would life taste sweeter? It just might, let’s give it a go, what do you say?

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  1. Awesome thought Dave, love your blog

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