So, Change the world?

I just read my friend’s blog post about changing the world. Read it here. Now, I hate to disagree with one of my writing heroes, well I hate to disagree with anybody, which is ironical because I am very, very good at it. What was I saying? Oh yeah Scott’s post about how Edward Snowden changed the world and how good that is. Here is the thing, I can’t. I really can’t change the world, and I don’t really think Snowden did that. I think he stood up and told the truth and that will have an effect, but I doubt it will be a long term effect, I doubt Snowden will be anything but a Jeopardy question under the category “Obscure things that happened in 2013”.

I don’t think the world changes that easily. No why I think that, because people, not individuals mind you, but the great unwashed masses, people are stupid. They are cattle, they follow, they watch crappy tv shows and go to crappy movies, cause “fast cars smashing into things are cool”. Really, I really heard that from a guy I know. The world can change if people change, but I can’t do that either, I can’t change the world, and I can”t change people. What I can do, slowly and with great effort and pain and many, many, many setbacks, is change me. I have to really want to change, I have to really commit to change,, I have to really work at it and be prepared to fail, and be prepared that people around me won’t give me any benefit of the doubt or even believe the change.

Given all of that, though, I can still do it, I can change me. I can be better tomorrow than I am today, infinitesimally better. No one will notice, I might not even notice, but every infinitesimal step adds up and the end result is a minute change, then those add up into small changes, which in turn add up to bigger changes and the end result is, I won’t crave pizza every second of the day, but only at meal times.

Okay, that isn’t true, that is not even a change I want to make, but the idea is true, and I have slowly over time managed to change me. The change is noticeable if you’ve known me a long time. I hope that the changes affect people around me for the better, and maybe they will change themselves too. Not in a way, I pick but in a way they pick, and area they think is important to change, and maybe as we each infinitesimally change ourselves the world will too. and maybe just maybe furious 8 won’t make billions upon billions of dollars, okay it will, but maybe Furious 38 won’t. Maybe slowly we will care about each other more than about spying on each other, more than going to a movie, more than whether I get to my destination 2 minutes earlier by cutting you off.

Don’t try to change the world, but please join me, try to change you…for the better… for ever…it is worth it.

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1 Response to So, Change the world?

  1. How many people can you change? …. One

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