So, 50

Well I just turned 50.

This is an interesting experience. I don’t feel different, I wondered if at some point I would panic and start to feel…I dunno…weird? But I don’t. Still just me, a guy who can’t quite figure out the secret to life. I mean I am getting through life, but not getting it, you know?

Anyway, I though I would ruminate a little, just some observations about things…

  1. 50 is just a number, I am really only 1 day older.
  2. Some of my shirts don’t fit well anymore (though this has less to do with 50 and more to do with potato chips).
  3. It’s like a club, hopefully we all get to join at some point, so it’s not too exclusive.
  4. I still don’t like sports cars…I mean I don’t get them at all, why? Why do you need to be able to go 4 times the speed limit and reach that speed at 5 Gs? The seats are uncomfortable, they don’t have compartments for my reading glasses (or maybe they do, I’ve never had one). I am clueless about this.
  5. I love my wife, she is amazing, I don’t get after all the time she has put into me why anyone (specifically me) would want to change, I sure don’t and I pray to God she never does either.
  6. Ice Cream is delicious. ( I know this has nothing to do with 50, but still…true fact).
  7. So are oatmeal raisin cookies.
  8. I have a jar on my desk that is 2000 years old, 50 is nothing to that jar.
  9. I think fighting in hockey is barbaric and stupid…you are professional athletes paid millions of dollars…grow up, don’t try to intentionally hurt each other and show the skill that got you there, cause an awful lot of Canadians would happily take your place.
  10. Somebody needs to explain DJs to me. They are not the artists, they take the artists work and add a beat to it. Why do they get credit for that? Aloe Blacc is amazing, so why does Aviccii get the credit for Aloe’s amazing song? I mean, I can’t add a frame around a Picasso and call it my painting. Can I?
  11. Yes, I am old and grumpy, but then I was young and grumpy before so its not like it’s a new thing. I actually think I am getting mellower (Is that a word?)
  12. I do go to bed earlier now, but I am not sure it’s a function of being older so much as getting up earlier.
  13. I still don’t get supper at 4:00 – that is afternoon people!
  14. I also don’t get supper at 8:00 pm.
  15. I think Michael Strahan was/is great and Kelly Ripa was wrong to treat him badly because he made a career move. I know that has nothing to do with being 50, but I think it anyway.
  16. How are watches making a comeback as a fashion statement? Really, how?
  17. I think Justin Trudeau is a pompous jerk…but he is still better than any alternative available at this time.
  18. I love watching the American election, makes me feel a teeny bit better about our own politics.
  19. Steak is good! I could never be a vegetarian, I don’t have a problem with them, I just couldn’t do it myself.
  20. I think Earls is lying to everyone, they haven’t switched back to Canadian beef and they aren’t going to…they just think it will blow over…which it probably will…sigh.

Well, that is by no means exhaustive, but enough for now. 50 is fun, the world has changed so much in the last 50 years, I can’t wait for the next 50.

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1 Response to So, 50

  1. Rob says:

    Not a bad list – from someone with club membership for 10 months

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