So, Actual Traffic

I have noticed this thing that seems to happen…maybe it is a uniquely Alberta problem, though I doubt it. Normal, sane people get behind the wheel of their vehicle and turn into self-indulgent, ignorant idiots. Now that seem harsh but bear with me a minute. I am not alone in thinking this, but I am also not alone when I say I am in the majority here. The other day I realized, I was about to miss my exit on the freeway, I cut across a lane of traffic and several cars to ensure I did in fact make it. My thinking was “oh man, I don’t want to have to go the long way to my destination”. But imagine you were in one of the other vehicles, the ones I cut off? What were they thinking? Probably that I am a big jerk selfishly cutting them off, and they are not wrong, in fact that is exactly true. Rather than inconvenience myself, I almost caused an accident. Now in my day to day, non-driving life, I would not even consider doing something like this, and I bet you wouldn’t either. If someone came up to you and said, “rather than cause an accident, could you take a slightly longer route?” I would say “sure”. But put me behind the wheel and somehow I decide my convenience and my route is way more important than anyone else’s.

That is not all, I don’t get the people that see that all the vehicles are in the right hand (or left hand) lane to merge up the road and they decide to drive as far as they can in the ending lane to cut in at the last minute and effectively cut the line. None of these people would do this in a movie line or at the DMV, but put them in a car and they feel entitled or something. It is as if we feel protected by the steel around us and invisible and so we can act in abhorrent ways and selfish ways, because no one will recognize us.

I live in a little town with a bunch of 4 way stops and I decided this year to just let the other guy go first. You know every time I pull up and it is close to a tie and you can’t decide if it is your turn or not, so in the past, I would just go, but I decided to just wave the other guy through this year. What a change in attitude it has made in all of my driving. I made a concerted effort to change one aspect of my driving and it has changed other ways. I wonder of we all decided to just slow down a bit and let others in, let others have the right of way, let other’s lives take precedent over yours for just a second, what would happen.

I doubt I am gonna start a movement with my little blog, but I am going to say, at least I can stop contributing to the madness, I am gonna be a better, more courteous driver. How about you?

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